Saturday, August 21, 2010

Parades, Festivals and Oodles of Summer Fun!

We've had so much fun this summer already. Hard to believe it's almost the end of August. Emily is such a joy, even if she does test us constantly! That girl can remember anything and everything, so there is no sneaking anything in around her. Her new favorite thing is to call people knuckle-heads. I have no idea where she heard it from, but it's hard to tell her that isn't nice when you're cracking up!

This week at school she went on her first field trip. She talked constantly about the bus ride and sitting next to Owen. LOL! She went to this bouncy house place and had a blast. We even had to take her earrings out for the first time, so we talked about it all week prior just so that she wouldn't be scared. She did great and she even let me put them back in after school.

Emily is LOVING her new school. She talks about her teachers all the time and seems to be playing with the kids more. She does special art projects every day which is her favorite. She loves loves loves to do anything art-related.

Her bug bite issues are hopefully almost over for the year. She is now on Zyrtec daily until the first freeze. Her Dr said she has the classic signs/symptoms of a mosquito allergy. They aren't real common, so there isn't much we can do about it - but he did say that typically the allergy goes away. So for now, she's on Zyrtec - but in the spring we will let her get bit a few times before put her on any meds.

Here's just a cute pic of Emmers. She is really into dressing herself, but hasn't quite figured out what matches and what doesn't:

This weekend is the Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival and this is Emily and her buddy Tyler all ready for the parade. They loved it! It was Em's first real parade and she had so much fun--again, check out the lovely outfit, I was actually embarrased that is how she was dressed! LOL! :

Here she is waving at Mickey Mouse:

She loves to play with her dolly's. Each one has their own blanket and spot she makes for them in her room. She had quite the mess going on here:
We also went to the carnival at Sweet Corn Fest. Daddy watched while me and Em rode the carousel. She loved it. She kept saying "do it again mommy!":

Here are a few videos of Em - this one is of her singing the itsy bitsy spider song:

This one is of her sooo excited at the parade:

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