Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Weekend

This year Easter was much more enjoyable since Em was able to get more involved.
We took a lot of pictures, of course!

This first batch is from Saturday in IL at my parents "apartment".

Here is Em in her beautiful Easter dress:

Opening her Easter basket from Grammy & Grampa:

Love this one of Daddy and Emme:

Emme loves giving Uncle Mike noonies. I am so happy I got an action shot:

Emme's Auntie CeCe:

Change of clothes for the first attempt at coloring Easter eggs:

CeCe helped her the whole time, so I could take pics. Thanks Casey!

After it stopped raining, we walked over to Harms Farm (my aunt and uncle's place) and checked out their pond. Emme was frog hunting!
This batch of pics is from Sunday at Bonnie & Tom's house.
We tried really hard to get a nice pic of Em in her Easter dress and Zander in his handsome outfit, but neither of them were too interested:
Here is Em opening her Easter present from her godfather Nathan:
Here is Z loving his Superman bouncy ball thingy:
Here is Em doing her Easter Egg hunt with Grandma:
Now she's organizing all of her treats and money:
We had a fantastic weekend. Thanks to both sets of Grandparents for making it so memorable. We really had a great time!

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