Monday, January 25, 2010

Emme and Zander

We watched Zander for a few hours this past Saturday and Em absolutely loved having him here. She was so excited when he got here.

Em made sure as soon as Aunt Kacey left that she got to sit in her chair with Z:

Here is Emme giving hugs - she was doing that non-stop. Zander obviously thought it was a riot:

Here we are reading stories on Em's "couch" before her nappy time. They were so cute together...until Zander starting pinching Emily! LOL! She looked at him like he was crazy.

Here the two of them are hanging out:


P, K, & O said...

Soooo cute....those two are going to be such good buddies! :-) So nice of you to help Kacey out!! miss you

Brahmstadts said...

oh so cute. Zander is so talkative! Em sure is looking older. Give hugs and kisses from all of us:)