Sunday, December 13, 2009

The First BIG Snow!

Even though this is technically Emily's 3rd winter, she really hasn't been able to enjoy the snow until recently. We had a HUGE snowfall this past week - we got 18 inches in about 24 hours. It was crazy! We were able to get out and play in the snow this weekend when it warmed up a little (by warm I mean above 25 degrees!).

I also got the house decorated for the holidays. I know some of you will be very proud of me. I am not the decorating type, but I know it's important that Emily has special traditions and memories of holidays at home. We LOVE our stockings that Ali made us. Thank you so much Ali. They look very pretty hanging on our railing. Can't wait to see what Santa fills them with!!

We can't believe Emily is going to be 2 in just a few weeks. Where did our little baby go? The time goes by so fast. She's at a fun age, but it can be very challenging as she is getting more and more frustrated in communicating with us. We have recently seen a specialist to get her evaluated for any delays and she is slightly delayed in several areas, but most delayed in her language. Em's been talking since a young age, so the amount of talking isn't the problem - it's that she isn't putting a lot of 2 words together yet. Every day she is learning new words, but she is behind compared to other kids her age. We are meeting with the specialist again soon to figure out a game plan for catching her up. On to her accomplishments now - she LOVES being a little mommy to her dolls. It's so stinkin' cute! We just learned today that she finally knows her first color....poor's PINK! Oh well. I tried to get her to say purple! LOL! She loves playing with mom's jewlery and nail polishes. She loves her play kitchen and play cash register. She loves any kind of art project, she colors/paints/draws pretty much every day. I always wonder what parents did before washable paints and markers. She always ends up covered in it and it all over her clothes.
Well that's it for now! We will post more pictures as we begin celebrating the holidays and of course celebrating Em's 2nd birthday!

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