Friday, June 26, 2009

18 Months...already!

The month of June has just flown by - I can't believe it's almost the 4th of July already!!! We've had a busy few weeks, but are really enjoying the sunshine and getting to play outside. Emme has a love of the slide- you know she wants to go outside when she's looking out the window - pointing - and saying - "Bweeeee" :) It's sooo cute!

She also love her animal sounds - we are trying to get them on video. So far she knows what a cow says, a dog, a cat, a duck and daddy!!! It's pretty darn funny.

She's been using her signs a lot too - mostly milk, more and please. It's fun to be able to understand her more and more each day.

She says book, car, truck, dog, ball, outside, balloon and a few others.

Em had her 18 month check up today and all is well!! Her head is finally shrinking. Dr Z looked at her growth curve and said--okay---seriously--I've never seen a kid's head get smaller :) But Em's did! ha ha She needed it!!!!!

Her height is 32.25" (69th percentile) - she grew over 2 inches 3 months!!!!

Her weight is 22lbs 8oz (28th percentile)

Her head circumference is 47cm (64th percentile)

--now her weight might be a little deceiving as he had a fill in nurse and she didn't know she was supposed to weight the kids naked. So Emme had a full wet diaper, clothes and shoes on!!!! We're guessing she's just under 22 lbs. He didn't feel it necessary to weigh her again. That still means she would have gained about a pound from her 15 month check up - which is great news! We've been stuffing her full of food!!!!

We leave for our yearly trip up north on Sunday - looking forward to spending a week with my family. Very excited for our first time with all the girls - Mikaiya who is 3, Emily who is 18 months and Braenna who is 1....should be quite entertaining!!! We might need a vacation after our vacation :)

Today was a fabulous day! We got to spend it at Aunt Kacey's with Emme's two newest cousins. She loves playing with Zander and Owen. You have to watch her like a hawk though because she doesn't understand the concept of being "gentle". She actually was trying to sit on Owen today!!!! She also likes to help, so she'll take a toy and wiggle it....okay...she shakes it like it's going to fall apart in front of the baby's faces. It's too cute. She's trying though!!! She'll make a good big cousin someday! I told Kacey and Kristen - before they know it - Zander and Owen will be running circles around Miss Em...she is the princess you know :) Grandma Bonnie has a sign in her house that 7 boys, 1 Emily. It's soooo cute!!!

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Parker & Kristen said...

It was so great to see you! I wish we could have had more time together! Next time it won't be so busy and hopefully we can make it happen! :-) Looking forward to seeing Emily's pics! OH, check out my blog when you have time...there is a pic of Emily pushing Owen in her stroller! Super cute! Hope you had fun in Hayward, take care!