Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Cousin...

Emily has a new cousin!!! Owen Ranier Marquardt was born on March 18th. Proud parents are Aunt Kristen (Kory's youngest sister) and Parker. He was 7lbs 11oz and 20 inches long. They live in Billings, Montana -- so we are sending lots of hugs and kisses since we can't hold him in our arms.

Congratulations guys! He's adorable!!

Couldn't do a post without any Emme pics - here's a few new ones from this week:

Here's Em on her first ATV ride with daddy. She seemed to like it!!

Em's first owie. We were out playing in the driveway and she took a face plant. I felt really bad. her cheek was red for a few days, but now it's fine.

This is Em dressed up for daycare on Thursday. Somedays I just have to make sure I am getting my money's worth by putting Em in a difficult outfit :) hee hee


Kristen said...

Thanks for the post about our little Owen! Sorry Emily, but you are still the only girl on our side of the family!! You are so darn cute and getting so big!! You looked so pretty in your little pink dress! Your mommy sure dresses you cute! Can't wait to see you again on webcam. We love you!

grandma bonnie said...

What a pretty girl! She looks so adorable in her pink dress--what a little princess. With all the boys we have, we need a princess in the family. Teresa, you always dress her so darn cute!! I am glad that she rode on the four wheeler--daddy will love giving her rides. Love you guys---kisses to Emily!