Friday, September 26, 2008

9 Months Old...already!

Here's a video of Em in the bathtub last week. I really think we have a swimmer on our hands!!

We took Em to the Dr today for her 9 month check-up. Can't believe it's been 9 months already. Everything went well - no shots today! yay!! She weighs in at a quite small 17 lbs 8oz (27%). She is 27.5" long (50%) and her head circumference is 45.2 cm (83%). Now - as you can see her head is MUCH larger compared the rest of her body. The Dr said he normally in this case - would say she needs to have more calorie intake - but because of her plagiocephaly (i.e. helmet issues) her head circumference is different than most normal kids. So he's not too worried about her small size. Especially because she seems happy and is sleeping well and meeting all of her development milestones.

She has really started talking like CRAZY in the last 2 weeks. You would not believe how much she has to say. I think she got her mom's gene in that one :) She's so funny. She has this stuffed puppy dog with rabbit ears (it's from Easter!!) and the other morning she was carrying on a VERY serious conversation with the dog and then all of a sudden she stopped and looked at it...and bit it's nose! I never laughed so hard!!!

She has learned how to get from a sit to crawl and just about figuring out how to get from a crawl to a sit. She isn't walking around the furniture quite yet - but is close. She just doesn't know how to pull herself up yet (and I'm quite happy about that!!). So for now - she's still a floor duster.

Here she is eating her veggies:

We have lots of photos this month. She started swim lessons, she went to Texas and did lots of other fun things this month.

Here's the photo link:

Hope everyone is doing well!


Brahmstadts said...

So so cute. She loves her bath huh? I can't believe how she keeps changing. Love seeing her videos. Love to you guys....

kristen said...

oh, my gosh she is so cute! that is great that bath time is so easy!! i love her eating the peas and copying Kory!! super cute! keep putting the videos on, i love seeing them!