Sunday, December 10, 2006

I feel so bad it's been a long time since my last blog. I never even posted me in my Amy Lee halloween costume. So here it is:

Not too bad huh? To see the real Amy Lee, scroll down in my blog.

Anyways, things have been busy around here. We're getting ready for the up coming Christmas holiday. Thanksgiving was great. Kory's sister was home with her 4 boys, so it was nice to spend lots of time with his family. We also had Kory's 5 year high school reunion on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was a blast! Good old Fort Atkinson high school!!! Kory had a really nice time hanging out with some friends he hadn't talked to in a long time. I got to hang out with Nan, Tiff and Brenda so that was really nice too!!

Kory's been working 6 days a week now, getting Fed Ex ready for the holiday season as well. Next week is his last Sunday...thankfully! I miss our sunday evenings together!!

Nothing really too exciting going on. I will write more soon...

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