Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weekend PAR-TAY!!!
Well this Saturday is our official kick-off to summer party. I will post some pictures next week. I have been busy this week with getting the house and yard ready to go. Looks like we have about 30 people coming on Saturday, so it should be a great time. Weather is supposed to be georgous!!

Tonight my neighbor Kathy and I are going to plant our flowers together. I hope they come out nice! I went to the nursery yesterday and got lots of pretty flowers and pots to plant them in. I only spent $100 and that includes 4 pots and 2 hanging pots that I plan to re-use each year. I think I might go get one more hanging pot for the third hook in the back, but we'll see!!!

Casey is officially moved into her apartment here in Madison. She started her new job yesterday at CUNA. She said it involved mostly meetings, but hopefully today she will get to see a bit more of the facility! Sounds like the place is huge!!

I don't have too much else exciting to write about. The Country Music Awards are on tonight, so I hope I can be done planting before those start. Then tomorrow I have to watch the finale of American Idol. I like both Taylor and Catherine, so it really doesn't matter to me which one wins! They are both great.

Okay...I should get to work. Will write more next week after the long weekend.

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